Read what people are saying about Terri L. Moore. They elaborate about her capabilities and you will understand the benefits of hiring her as a Keynote Speaker, Breakthrough and Vision Coach or Training Workshop Provider.

“Terri, I don’t know if you received my letter; but the day you spoke at the Ladies Breakfast at Central Church of Christ in Winter Haven, Florida changed my life. I had a horrible childhood, an even more traumatic early adulthood. But by the grace of God I survived; even in my darkest days when I no longer wanted to live and tried to end my life “I survived!” I totally thought I was worthless, unworthy of saving. Yet, you inspired me and your book has transformed my life. I love myself, I mean really love myself. My husband and I are able to communicate more efficiently. I love Jesus with all my heart, soul, and mind. Jesus is first in my life. I have let go of past hurts and forgiven myself. I am in love with life for the first time in my life. God bless you Terri Moore for transforming my life through your book.”-CINDY P.

“I was introduced to Terri by my upline in Arbonne. Our Team Leader hosted a ‘Breakthrough’ workshop at her office on November 29, 2015. I had been experiencing an “energy” in my life but wasn’t having any significant breakthroughs. I just felt like I was on the verge of something BIG!
The very next day, my husband and I received some very disturbing news regarding our eight-year-old daughter. I KNOW God placed Terri in my life to not only help me through this family crisis, but learn to love and forgive myself from my past.
Since seeing Terri in November, I have had many breakthroughs in my life. First and foremost, I am having breakthroughs in my relationship with Christ! I am learning to love and accept myself. I have had MANY breakthroughs in my married life, (ie. Communication, forgiveness, openness). The self-awareness I’ve gained over the past four months has been HUGE!
Terri has an incredible gift of helping me dig deeper into who I really am. I am finally starting to find and love myself again. I know that my breakthroughs will continue in all areas of my life.
Terri has a wonderful sense of humor and will place anyone at ease no matter what the topic will be.
I am recommending my relatives and friends to Terri L. Moore & Team.
She has saved my life, my marriage, and my career at Arbonne
Forever grateful,”Jessica Harrison

“Terri Moore is fabulous! Coaching with Terri has been a great privilege. She is a woman of faith, truth, and generosity. Her loving spirit and authentic character enable her to help others dig into their foundations to find the triggers. Her gift to help you work through the issues from your past that are currently holding you back is incredible. Her willingness to guide you through the issues at just the right pace is amazing. She is joy to work with and I looked forward to each of our sessions. It has provided me with clarity so that I can begin to envision a future that I had lost sight of. I can dream again and take the steps necessary to create my own future and fulfill my bigger purpose. She has a servant’s heart and it is wide open and willing to help anyone willing to do the work to gain the insight they seek.”Dawn L.

“Terri has helped me to ‘find’ the real me with her one on one sessions she does. She really listens to what you have to say and then helps you take that information to use it for God’s Glory. She truly has a gift of seeing what your true potential can be.”Cindy L.

“Terri is a woman who speaks from her heart and her experiences. She is a woman who has overcome much adversity and truly loves helping other women overcome their adversities as well. It’s evident that that she is passionate about what she does.”Carla M.

“Inspiring and Heartfelt I met Terri in networking meetings and asked her to speak for our local group of women of faith entrepreneurs. I also had a chance to attend her Forever Free in Forgiveness event and enjoy several one on one coaching sessions with her. Terri’s life journey is one that is so rich in transforming situations she is able to relate to many people dealing with the throws of life. She helps each person see the inner beauty in themselves and uncover the roots of sadness, guilt and unforgiveness so not to be hampered by life’s toils but able to carry on with joy in our purpose and calling.”Cathy Bedel, DoTerra Oils

“Terri L Moore presented to our group of entrepreneurs. She was witty as well as forthcoming about life and how to advance forward in our lives. She was motivating and captivating. We all laughed and learned from her. She knows how to hold the room captivated with her charm. Her attitude was refreshing as well. The information she presented helped many people in the room and we were talking after her presentation about the ideas presented and agreeing that she hit the nail on the head. She was on topic and on target. Her skills as a speaker shine through.”Dusty Teter

Thank you so much for the direct sales empowerment seminar today! I was blown away by how many little nuggets I walked away with that are going to make HUGE marks not only professionally but personally too!
Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of your book & working with you in the future as my coach. ” Dawn H.

“Terri Moore, a big thank you to you and your invited speakers who all made yesterday’s direct sales training course such a fun learning experience. The content exceeded my expectations. Great nuggets applicable to all businesses. What an honor to hear the growth and success your coaching clients have had as a result of your expertise. Congrats for a job well done.”Lori V.

“I met Terri at a marketing expo. She invited me to her upcoming seminar, “Free of Forgiveness seminar” and since then we were inseparable. I became on of her coaching clients. She has helped me improve my whole outlook on myself, life, and my business. I have wonderful keys to continue to move forward and not let my past keep me stagnant. My relationships with my friends and family have improved tremendously. She is very professional, yet down to earth and relatable. If you need any type of coaching, business, sales, or self, I would recommend Terri.”Tiana M.

“Terri has helped me to “find” the real me with her one on one sessions she does. She really listens to what you have to say and then helps you take that information to use it for God’s Glory. She truly has a gift of seeing what your true potential can be.”Cynthia L.

“My name is Steven Cannon, Pastor with the Indianapolis Church of Christ. I have known Terri for over twenty years and I have seen her grow in her speaking abilities over the years. She was in my public speaking class many years ago and I have watched her change from a fearful, insecure speaker to a confident one. I believe she is a great motivational speaker for a few reasons.

First, she is inspired and passionate about her own story.

Second, as a domestic violence survivor, she has a compelling story that I believe will move people’s hearts to change.
Third, I have seen Terri take an idea from its inception (Beacon of Hope) and persevere through many difficult challenges while serving over 5,000 women and children in the seven years that the center has been open.

Fourth, Terri is an extremely hard worker and will give her very best. I enjoy watching her progress.”Steven Cannon, Pastor

“I have known Terri for over twenty years. She is the kind of friend every woman would love to have. She genuinely cares for people deeply, and shows it in many ways. I have often heard friends say they will pray for me, but Terri does – not once, but again and again, specifically – and then asks me how that particular area of my life is going. Through her example, I have learned to do the same with those who lean on me to pray for them. Terri is known as a prayer warrior.

Terri also shows her care for people through her efforts in starting a domestic violence center. She has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of women, children, and even pets who have been victims of abuse. In this position she has had many opportunities to speak publicly in front of different types of crowds, from small to big, and she is a natural on radio and television. I remember hearing about a public speaking class she took years ago and how it lit a spark in her to share what God has given her with others. And that she has!

I believe Terri’s biggest gift to inspire is specifically with women. She is an excellent motivational speaker at Christian women’s conferences. She is passionate and it shows. She is vulnerable in her sharing, which motivates women that they too, can rise up to be all that God wants them to be. When she shares what God has brought her through in her life, it draws people in. Anyone hiring her to speak at their event will not be disappointed!Kathy K. Boger

“Terri has the gift of speaking and the ability to encourage others when speaking before large groups of people. Because she is very passionate about the topics that she speaks about, it is evident that Terri wants to encourage and inspire her audience wherever she goes.

I have known Terri over the last 25 years and have watched her grow and change in her speaking to others. She has become a very confident, humble and passionate speaker. She has grown in her character and personal growth in the area of her faith. Terri has become known as a prayer warrior and woman of great faith, so when she speaks, it is very evident that she is not relying on herself, but on God. My faith, prayer life and confidence level have changed tremendously for the positive as a result of the example that Terri has been in my life.

As a motivational speaker, Terri is a tremendous example for others and inspires many people because of what she has gone through and overcome in her own personal life. I have no doubt that she will continuously call others higher, which will lead many in the future to make significant changes in their lives.

I can say with confidence that Terri is a phenomenal motivational speaker and inspires many people and coach.”Renaye L. Frazier

“Several years ago, I joined the small group at church that Terri and her husband Scott attended and our friendship flourished. Terri has also inspired me to be more authentic in my relationship with God. She has taught me to “keep it real” with God and that he wants us to “Cast all anxiety on him because he cares…”

Terri’s uncommon ability to be real with God translates into the way she relates to people. She is vulnerable and authentic. I have personally observed a number of Terri’s speeches to date, and I can attest to her ability to connect with the audiences humanity which, in turn, allows them to be authentic.

Terri has a powerful message to share; her unwavering faith and hope, motivated by a deep love for others. As a skilled speaker, she is equipped to speak boldly and with inspiration on any number of subjects for a wide variety of audiences from Board Rooms to breakfast meetings, and everything in between.”Oni N. Harton

Terri L. Moore and Team