Hi Everyone and welcome to my first blog. I am just learning to blog so please be patient with me.

My topic today is ‘The Power in Forgiveness’.

Forgiveness is not only for the people who hurt you but it is more so for yourself.

When you think about your past, what events do you remember? What memories of people who have hurt you do you allow to play over and over in your mind? We have all done this at one time or another.
Being rooted in faith will allow you to forgive. It takes great
faith in God, and ourselves, to be able to forgive people that have hurt us. Your faith will allow you to surrender to no longer being enslaved to their actions and no longer controlling your life. Growing in forgiveness is growing in faith. God showed forgiveness when He offered me grace and mercy, which He has for you as well.
Forgiveness brings about miracles in our lives. I know forgiving
others was the greatest decision I made. I had a lot of people
to forgive, but when I made the choice to let go of it, I was free.
You have the chance to make that choice as well. It is yours alone to make. No one can force you into it. Even God will not force you to forgive. Life with God is not meant to be at a standstill.
Anyone can hold a grudge, but it takes a person with
character to forgive. When we do, we release ourselves from a
painful burden. Forgiving doesn’t make what happened to you
is okay. It just means you have made peace with pain and are
ready to let go and move on.
My belief is when someone learns how to forgive and go
through the process, they will begin to see themselves blossom
and learn to feel secure with who they are. They will die to their
old self, patterns, and habits, and will learn to be radiant and
secure. They will no longer be paralyzed by hurt and fear, but
rather walking around in confidence and trusting others again.
Breaking those chains that have held us back, people will
see the teachable, humble, and transparent person we really are. I know this first hand when I finally forgave my ex-husband for all the wicked things he did to me. I was able to have compassion for him. Yes, real compassion. I saw him a number of years ago at his brother’s funeral. When he saw me, he hugged me so tight, I thought my neck would break. I didn’t feel negative feelings and I knew then and there I had moved on. I was a transparent person to those around me. Humble and teachable by God.
Forgiveness involves letting go. Jesus shows us this in Luke
23:34 when He says, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” He wanted to go forth in power. He had to let go.
Remember playing tug of war as a child? I loved that game.
As long as you held onto that rope you were in a war. When
someone has let go, the war is over. When you forgive your parents, siblings, bullies, relatives, and ex-spouses, you are letting go of your end of the rope. No matter how hard they tug on the other end, if you have released your end, the war is over for you.


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