Powerful Public Speaking Sessions



Have you ever tried to deliver a great idea, just to see it fall flat because your public speaking skills could use some work? If you could deliver your idea effectively—comfortably, dynamically, and with empathy—your audience would hear your ideas and be persuaded, too.


This virtual personal session or workshop will teach you to communicate powerfully and effectively through our interactive, participatory, virtual learning environment, under the leadership of myself, a National Speaker who wants was petrified of public speaking. It is available for individuals and classrooms.

Did you know that most of the fear you have public speaking is stemmed from your past?  I can help you release those emotional triggers.

During our times together, I will help you to;

Improve your understanding of what makes great speakers so effective. Learn specific tools for better delivery across 9 different areas of powerful communication. Gain insights and techniques for correcting bad communication habits and establishing better ones. Track your own progress and begin exploring the root causes of certain problem areas. Come across as comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic in any public speaking setting.  You will walk away feeling more confident, secure, and fearless.  You will be able to knock it out the park on your next speech.

Must get at least 4 sessions at 90 minutes each. Price includes 4 90-minute sessions.


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