Terri L. Moore is a Certified Empowerment Coach with a simple goal: she wants to coach you out of your past. Her mission is to help individuals of any age, particularly women, to release emotional triggers to find their true self, and illuminate their inner power.

Drawing on her own experiences of growing up in a dysfunctional family, surviving an abusive first marriage, dealing with substance abuse, and finally finding peace and possibility by turning her life over to God, Terri shows other women how to leave their past behind and become not just survivors, but thrivers.

Terri brings her professional experience as an author, radio talk show host, workshop leader, and executive director of a domestic violence crisis center to her work as a coach. She also draws on her fruitful years of volunteer experience starting and leading ministries for older singles and pre-teens in church settings. Her book, ‘Face to Face with God, My Best Friend’ in its first year has been very successful while changing lives. While serving her 10 years at Beacon of Hope Center for Women, Terri along with her staff was awarded the 2009 Train the Trainer Award winner, a 2013 Teen Talk Outreach and Education Award winner, and a 2014 winner of the Victim Advocacy Award. In 2017, Terri launched the first Empowering Women chapter of Networking Today International (NTi), the fastest-growing business networking organization in the country.

In addition to her work as a breakthrough and vision coach for groups and individuals, Terri is a popular keynote and guest speaker, and conducts inspiring workshops for the direct-marketing industry. She performs workshops, seminars and webinars on empowerment. Terri also presents Lunch and Learns to corporations, small businesses, churches, and non-profits.

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Core Values, Mission, and Vision

Core values

Integrity, excellence, team work, faith builder, forgiveness, personal responsibilities, self-worth, confidence.

Mission statement

My mission is to dynamically and positively impact every person who wants to break through or implement a vision in some area of their life, eliminate emotional triggers, illuminate their inner power and find their true inner self.

Vision statement

My vision is to inspire people to make peace with their past and break through to a brighter future.

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Services Offered

Services offered by Terri:
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Guest Speaker
  • Half or full day training workshops with breakout session
  • Coaching sessions, in person and via internet
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Radio Talk Show
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Making Peace with Your Past
  • Learning to Thrive
  • Breakthrough to Vision
  • Forever Free in Forgiveness
  • Women’s Empowerment (covering Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault)

Terri L. Moore and Team